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3 Signs It’s Time for Ignition Repair

Ignition repair

Vehicles run as a result of several complex mechanisms that work together to get your car started and move. Although the engine and transmission are known to be the two most essential components in any vehicle; however, we think there’s another component that requires the most attention: the ignition.

A failing ignition means your vehicle won’t even start, and it can be quite frustrating, especially if you’re already late for your destination. To avoid an ignition failure, you must be able to pick on every sign of malfunction and get it fixed before the matter worsens.

Below, we’ve rounded up three telltale signs that your car ignition needs care and a good quality repair.

A Silent Starter Motor

Most drivers are quick to inculpate the starter motors of their vehicles for ignition issues. To identify whether you’re dealing with a faulty ignition or a malfunctioning starter motor, carefully listen for clicking noise as you turn the car key in the switch. If you hear no sound from the starter motor, you likely have a problematic ignition that requires immediate repair.

A Stalling Vehicle

The ignition provides energy and kick starts your engine to move the car. If there’s any problem in the ignition, there will be a constant disruption of energy supply to the engine. It means that your vehicle may suddenly shut down or stall while driving down a sloping road. Though there can be other reasons for a stalling engine, if it happens frequently, it’s highly likely that your ignition is to blame.

Your Car Key Doesn’t Turn

If your car key fails to turn inside the ignition switch, don’t battle with it. Instead, call your local locksmith to retrieve the stuck key and examine the ignition to provide the necessary repairs.

Ignitions typically last well for up to 100,000 miles before they get to a point where they must be replaced. However, improper handling and extreme weather conditions can lead to premature wear and tear inside the ignition switch. Rust, cracks, and corrosion on the inside can lead to misalignment of the key that might keep it from turning properly. An unengaged ignition lock could be another reason why your key won’t turn inside the switch.

Whatever the reason be, it’s best to get your ignition assessed and fixed on time by your local automotive locksmith.

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