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Bulldog Locksmith

Have you ever forgotten your car keys inside the car? I did. Car lockout is one of the most common scenarios professional locksmiths have to deal with. People lock their cars when they are in a rush and leave the keys inside. This situation might be annoying for you but it is also a security risk. Someone can easily break your car window, find the keys, and take the car without any problem. 

What people don’t realize is that when you are in such a situation, you can’t leave the car alone as well. The only person who can help you with car unlock is a professional locksmith. But a legitimate locksmith for car unlock isn’t as easy as its sounds. An inexperienced locksmith can even damage your car door while unlocking the car. That’s why it is always better to prevent this at all times and here is how you can do so. 

Keep The Keys With You

When you leave your home, always have the keys on you. You should take them out of the car ignition after you have stopped the car and you should always take these with you before stepping out of the car. Instead of going out and leaving the keys behind, make sure that the keys are always with you. Some cars have this beep function that alerts you if the car keys are still in the ignition when you leave the car. To prevent cars from unlocking, just always have the keys with you. 

Make Use Of Spare Or Duplicate Key

If you seem to leave your keys behind you more than once you should have a spare key at home or with you. Having a duplicate key with you can help in case car lockout happens so you aren’t locked out. You can use the spare or duplicate key to unlock the car and get in without wasting any time. Many people choose to keep their spare keys at home but this requires you to travel back to your home while the car is left unattended somewhere else. This could be a great security risk. If it’s just a simple key with no ring or other keys you can simply just place it in your wallet and use it in the time of need. 

Keep Your Car Locks In Check

Not always car lockouts happen due to forgotten keys, sometimes it’s just a lock that won’t work. Anyone with this problem should get it fixed in the first place. If it’s not fixed you may need to contact a locksmith when it’s broken or dysfunctional. Damaged or broken car locks can be a great security threat as if it doesn’t lock, you can’t leave the car unlocked. 

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