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So you have locked your car keys inside? It’s okay. Things like that happen to almost everyone. Just take a deep breath and relax; this can be solved. You can find many articles online that suggest different methods to unlock your locked cars with some screwdrivers or edgy tools. We don’t recommend that. In fact, if you don’t know what you are dealing with, it is better to leave the work to someone who knows it well. But before help reaches you, here are a few things you can do. 

Make sure all doors are locked

Sometimes you check the main doors and think that they are locked. The doors you have tried might be locked, but have you checked the trunk? People often panic once they realize that they left their car keys inside the car and leave without taking keys with them. You need to calm down and think hard without panicking. Keep things simple and try to focus on the problem and its possible solution. 

Make use of any tools you have

You need car keys to drive your car and they are locked inside a closed car. If your car doors are closed, check for windows. You might find a small spot from where you can enter some kind of wire or shoelaces to reach out to the post lock. A post lock is an upright light that can be pulled up or pushed down to unlock/lock the door. Once you have your string or shoelaces, make a loop or small slip knot. Grab the end side of the string or cord and slide it into the hole. Once you have held onto the lock you can pull to unlock the door. 

Use digital car keys

Fortunately, car manufacturers realize the importance of having some kind of alternative route for opening doors if you lose your keys or forget them in the car. Many modern cars come with digital keys or electronic door openers these days. It allows you to lock or unlock the car. The only cons with this approach are that if you lose these digital keys, you have to spend a few hundred dollars to get a new one. You probably need to have a vehicle towed towards your dealer to get a new digital car key. 

Call the police

If you are stuck in the middle of nowhere or have small children or pets inside the car, you should seek immediate help from the local police department. If you feel safe leaving your car behind, you can go yourself to the police station and ask for help. It is better to stay calm and collect your thoughts before calling them so you can tell them every detail they need to know to reach you. 

Have information like: where you are stranded, what type or model of the car you are driving, where the keys are, etc. 

Get help from a professional locksmith service

If nothing else works, you can always get assistance from a professional locksmith service. They are fully trained and have the necessary tools to unlock the car. Provided they are from a reliable locksmith company, your door should be unlocked in no time with no damage done to your car doors or locks. 

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