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It is common for someone in a rush to forget their car keys inside their car in the hour of rush or emergency. People lock their cars while leaving the keys in the ignition all the time. It can also be a security threat, as someone may easily break inside, get the keys, and drive away with the vehicle. 

If you don’t have the spare keys at your disposal, being stuck outside of your car can be really annoying. Depending on the time and place where you left your car keys inside your car, it might not be possible for you to leave the car alone and get help. To prevent such annoying situations, here are 5 tips. 

Do not forget to take the keys

The problem arises when you forget the keys in the car ignition and leave the car. Once you are on your way, take the car keys with you and once you park, switch off the ignition, get the keys out of the keyhole, and keep them with you. Instead of putting your keys inside your pocket, keep it in your hands, so you always remember to take the keys with you. 

Have a spare key

To avoid any car lockout situation, always make sure that you have an extra pair of keys with you at home. If you are someone who keeps forgetting things and leaving car keys behind, you should always keep an extra pair of keys at your home. This way you can get out of the car lockout situation without spending any money on auto locksmith services. You can get back to your home or ask someone from your family to get your keys to you. 

You can also keep your spare key with you in your wallet without any key ring attached to it. This way, when you get out of the car, your spare car key also comes out with you and you can use this pair of keys to unlock the car without wasting any time. 

Keep your locks fixed

Car lockouts don’t always happen because someone forgets the car keys inside the ignition, sometimes it’s because of the damaged or broken lock. To avoid such things it is always good to get it checked by some auto locksmith so you don’t have to face the car lockout. 

Attach a key Ring

Keyrings are not just decorations. It helps to get a hold of your keys and save them from falling to the ground. Even if you mistakenly drop your keys, you will notice it immediately due to the noise they make. 

Stay alert and conscious

It is the obvious one; you need to be alert and conscious while driving. Being sleepy or careless can cause you a bigger safety threat like a car accident. You should keep checking your keys after you park your keys and carefully remove these from the ignition. It is also a good idea to keep them in a fixed spot; either hold them in your hand or keep them in a wallet, so you know where they are.

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