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3 Apartment Locks You Should Regularly Rekey

If you manage an apartment complex, its safety and that of its residents is your responsibility. You must have a reliable locksmith’s contact on your dial pad at all times to ensure optimum security at all times. Locks can get damaged over time because of usage and...

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3 Signs It’s Time for Ignition Repair

Vehicles run as a result of several complex mechanisms that work together to get your car started and move. Although the engine and transmission are known to be the two most essential components in any vehicle; however, we think there's another component that requires...

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Locked Out of Your House? Here’s What You Need to Do

Getting locked out of your house can be frustrating, especially when the weather outside is also not great. Even if there’s a soothing breeze and warm sunlight outside, watching your favorite show on your soft bed while munching on snacks has its own unique...

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Car Lockout Dos and Don’ts

Being locked out of the car is a situation none of us want to end up in. It can get even worse if you're getting late for an important meeting, or the weather outside isn’t in the best of its mood. Although most people won’t agree that they could get trapped in a car...

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