Business Lock Install & Repair

A business owner is always focused on profit and loss. The profit comes from selling a product that a lot of folks want. The loss can occur when those same products are stolen. The more loss, the less profit. This is why company owners need to keep their place of business locked and secure. Bulldog Locksmith can help with that goal. We are a commercial locksmith that has been assisting businesses throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area for over five decades. In that time, we’ve been called on to handle all kinds of lockout emergencies and business lock repair. There isn’t a lock challenge you can present us with that we haven’t already solved a dozen times over. 

Business Rekey 

How many keys are you carrying around on a bulky ring for your business?

That large key ring with dozens of keys for dozens of locks can be cumbersome and inefficient. Are all those keys even being used? Wouldn’t it be nice to gain entry to your business with just one key? That one key can open more than one lock on a single door if those locks have all been rekeyed by Bulldog Locksmith. It shouldn’t be a struggle every time want to get in or out of your business. Rekeying simplifies the process. 

Employee turnover is expected in any business. It is another reason to consider rekeying with an affordable locksmith like Bulldog Locksmith. The hope is that an employee will leave on good terms. That means leaving their keys behind. Unfortunately, that might not always be the case. If there is a concern that a former employee might stir up trouble, then you should have the doors to the business rekeyed. 

If you are taking over the lease of a new business, then you should absolutely hire Bulldog Locksmith for rekeying. There is no telling how many past workers from previous businesses now have keys to your company. Rekeying will bring you peace of mind. As with any security concern, it is always better to be safe than sorry. 

Business Lock Install & Repair 

A business that operates out of an office space is easy to control with regard to a lock and key system. There might only be one or two doors as entry points. A business that incorporates a loading dock, storeroom and other areas that need to be secure could benefit from the installation additional locks. Bulldog Locksmith can provide any type of business lock installation to add an extra layer of property protection. These locks can be on gates, rolling garage doors, windows or an offsite storage locker. 

If you feel the front office door needs an extra deadbolt, then Bulldog Locksmith can help with that, too. It doesn’t matter if the door is made from metal, wood or glass, Bulldog Locksmith business lock installation can make is safer. 

The best locks will last for a long time, but there could occasionally be some problems. With constant use, a key can wear down and might break off in a lock. The lock tumblers themselves could become bogged down by gunk. These are the types of business lock repair that requires experienced service personnel like you would find with Bulldog Locksmith. At the first sign of a struggle with the lock, call in Bulldog Locksmith. 

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Business Lockout 

Showing up for work and realizing that you left your keys at home is not a great way to start the day. 

It will mean a round trip back to the house to snag the keys and start all over again. Although, inconvenient it is not as bad as accidentally locking your keys inside the business. This can happen as a moment of forgetfulness when you’re leaving for the day. It is nice to know those self-locking doors are doing what they were intended for. When that happens, you need to bring in a commercial locksmith to help with the lockout. That call should be to Bulldog Locksmith. 

Our mobile response vans are always on call for any type of lockout emergency. You don’t want to keep the customers waiting. Bulldog locksmith is an affordable locksmith service that can be trusted for a rapid response with every emergency call. You won’t be waiting long for Bulldog Locksmith.

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