Commercial lock change

commercial lock change

No matter how big or small your business is, you need a secure place to run it. Security plays a crucial part in the execution of any business process. A recent study shows that small or medium-sized businesses often tend to skip the importance of security and faces crimes such as theft or burglary. According to FBI statistics, there is a burglary attempt every 20 seconds across the country with the majority of these attempts are committed through the forceful entry. 

Even if you are a small business owner, we recommend you to safeguard your premises and valuable assets by installing high-quality commercial locks. Don’t leave your business or commercial property at the mercy of intruders or unauthorized access. 

When you should change your locks?

 It depends. You might have locks that have started to show the signs of weakness or wear and tear or you have faced a break-in attempt.  Your business is important, which is why it is not only imperative to have commercial locks of high-quality installed in your property but to make sure that they function properly.

There could be several reasons why you need to change your locks:

Wear out locks

Locks that are installed to the external or open premises tend to expose to harsh weather conditions throughout the year. These locks tend to wear out quicker than the indoor locks. Extreme heat or cold can damage your locks’ internal condition. Our expert locksmiths can evaluate your external lock and recommend any repairs or change needs. 


Expired locks


Like any hardware, commercial locks have an expiry date. Generally, these are built and survive for a long period of time but time and contact use can take out its life. Keep using old or expired commercial locks are a big security risk that your business may not afford.  


Outdated locks


Just like any other technology, engineers are working to improve the security mechanism of commercial locks. If you are using a lock that is perhaps outdated or you don’t feel secure enough, perhaps, it’s time to change the locks. 


Unsuitable locks


There are a variety of commercial locks available in the market – each designed for specific needs and uses. If you are not aware of the technical aspects of commercial locks, you might end up having an unsuitable lock that isn’t good enough to protect your premises or assets. Our locksmiths deal with residential and commercial lock change daily and know almost every kind and make of locks. They can advise a commercial lock that fits your needs and budget.


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