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The novel coronavirus outbreak has wreaked havoc around the globe. Economies are shaking as businesses, industries, trade is forced to shut down. However, amid the crashing markets and shuttering businesses, the demand for locksmith services seem to be surging significantly.

Why the Skyrocketing Demand for Locksmith Services?

Idling Employees

Most businesses that have shut down their operations—mainly restaurants, bars, clubs, cafes, and other retail outlets—are laying off employees to manage their costs. Many of these idled employees may still have keys or access codes to their workplaces. Therefore, business owners are reaching out to locksmiths to get the locks in their business facilities changed or rekeyed to prevent unauthorized access.

Utilizing Downtime

Since the operations in the business facilities are down for an indefinite period, owners are viewing it as an opportunity to get their window and door locks upgraded, repaired, and rekeyed. It wouldn’t have been possible on a typical day with customer traffic.

Fear of Break-In Burglaries

Since the streets are empty with no such human and vehicle traffic, business owners are scared that burglars may use the pandemic as an opportunity to break into their commercial properties. Furthermore, many states in the United States have temporarily curtailed low-level arrests to manage the traffic in jails, which has made matters worse for already panic-stricken business owners. Therefore, businesses are flocking to hire locksmith services to beef up their security against robberies of expensive equipment, money, confidential documents, and other business valuables.

How to Keep Your Business Secure While It’s Shuttered?

If your business is shut, here is what you can do to boost its security during this unprecedented time.


While changing the locks is also a viable option, a far more cost-effective approach is to get your entire commercial property rekeyed. That should include every window, every safe, every drawer with confidential files, and every door in your facility.

Install Smart Locks

With smart locks, you can have an access control system in place. This security system will allow you to limit who can have access to your commercial property with just one touch. You will be able to change the codes through the smartphone application and keep a tab on any uninvited visitors. All it takes to work is a secure Wi-Fi connection and a smartphone.

If you’re looking for a reliable and well-reputed commercial locksmith in Irving, get in touch with Bulldog Locksmith. From top-quality access control system and rekeying service to upgrading locks and installing master key systems—our expert locksmiths in Irving have mastered it all when it comes to securing your property.

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