House Lock Rekey

House Lock Rekey

Lock Rekey Service Available For Immediate Assistance

If you’ve ever moved into a new house or lost your house keys, chances are you’ve considered changing your house locks. What most people don’t know is that there is a better and often cheaper alternative to changing locks: rekeying them.

Our technicians at Bulldog Locksmith have dealt with numerous house lockouts, lost keys and rekeying situations. With our reliable, efficient, and responsive security professionals by your side, you never have to live with the nerve-wracking fear of an intruder or home invasion.  Our expert locksmiths remove the pins and springs in the existing lock cylinders and replace them with new ones that work with different keys. Many locks that are rekeyed and kept in service operate better than ever.

Why Rekey Your Locks?

With rekeying, you can change the keys that operate your home without incurring the costs of purchasing an entirely new lock. Rekeying is easy, fast, and convenient—especially with same day rekeying services offered by Bulldog Locksmith.

We recommend rekeying locks when you’ve moved into a new property to make sure unauthorized individuals can’t access your premises, like previous dog sitters, baby sitters, house cleaners, etc. Our locksmiths will change the lock pins in no time, ensuring only your keys work in the locks.

Here some other instances when rekeying your locks is a good idea:

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Maximize Home Security

Utmost safety and security is your top priority—and so is ours! We ensure access control to your premises when there’s a change in possession of a property. Rekeying removes the master pins and eliminates the possibility of another key operating in your locks—perhaps that owned by the contractor in single-builder communities or previous homeowners.

Remember, it only takes 30 minutes for someone to make copies of your keys, so the more people have had access to your premises in the past, the more you should consider rekeying your locks.


Misplaced Or Lost Keys

Misplacing keys can be quite alarming because it means that your key may have fallen into the possession of a stranger. In these situations, don’t take a chance with your home’s security and simply rekey your locks. This eliminates the threat of someone getting a hold of your key and attempting to use it.

Call our residential locksmith right away to set up an appointment and rekey all the locks at your home.

Cost-Effective Alternative

When it comes to lock replacement vs. rekeying locks, rekeying is definitely the more cost-effective option. You can fulfill all your home security needs without having to purchase new deadbolts and door locks for every exterior door in your home.

When you call the technicians at Bulldog Locksmith, you can rest assured that you’ll end up with a cost-effective solution in a timely and professional manner. Our locksmiths can even audit your home security needs and help you out with a wide range of services from key duplication, key cutting and home lock installation to repairing and reprogramming car key fobs and remotes.


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