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House Locksmith vs. Commercial Locksmith. Who do you need?

Residential Locksmith
Residential Locksmith

If you are like many people, you might think of a locksmith as someone who can deal with all types of locks and their problems but might not hear of separate terms being used for house locksmith or commercial locksmith. So, what’s the difference, if any. 

House locksmith

A residential or house locksmith is someone who specialized in dealing with security systems, alarms, locks, etc. primarily designed to make homes more secure and safe. When someone breaks into your house, you always get police and insurance, but you should also get your security system and locks checked by a professional locksmith service as well. 

Commercial locksmith

A commercial locksmith, on the contrary, deals with hardware and locks specifically designed to protect commercial property where multiple people have access to the main security system. Locksmiths usually perform all kinds of works like rekeying, duplication of the key, replacing, or repairing the locks, etc. 

Let’s first understand the specific situation when you are going to need a house locksmith. 

Duplication of key

Let’s say you rented out the basement of your house to a college student. To get access to his space, he might need a separate key. A house locksmith can help you get the duplicating keys which you can give to him instead of giving your only one pair of keys to him. You don’t even need the original key to make a duplication one; the locksmith can sometimes make a duplicate key by just looking at the padlock or keyhole. 

Commercial locksmiths often don’t have to create duplicate keys. Rather they implement a new key entry into the master key systems. 

Repairing locks

Locks, like any piece of hardware, can wear out over time. You may need to repair your locks or replace it with the new one. A house locksmith is specialized and well-trained for this kind of work. They can fix jammed or broken locks in no time and make them work again properly. This also reduces the cost of buying new locks. 

Commercial locksmiths can often repair lockers, file cabinets, door access, fingerprint scanners as well. They can reprogram the whole system to make it work as intended. 


Since house locksmiths work on the security systems and lock design for residential properties, they can also recommend the best security system according to your budget and security needs. If you are looking to upgrade or install new security measures like alarms, security bars, CCTV systems, or barriers, etc. you can also seek advice from them to be sure that you have the best security system installed at your house. 

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