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How a Locksmith Can Assist You In Automotive Lockout

Automotive Lockout
Automotive Lockout

As technology is improving every day, so is the design and infrastructure of our cars. Modern-day cars are far more secure and complicated than they used to be. But our interaction with cars hasn’t changed much. People still forget their keys inside and lock the doors when in rush. This situation can be more dangerous if you forget small children or pets inside the locked car. The first question in such a situation people may ask is, how long it will take a locksmith to unlock my car? 

For the most part, a locksmith can open a vehicle in less than ten minutes. However, some cars have really sophisticated security systems that may take some time to unlock. The majority of cars including Lexus, BMW models offer enhanced security features that are exceptionally hard to protect against any unauthorized access from car thieves. In the perfect world, these enhanced security features are great to have but if you are facing an automotive lockout situation, these can be really frustrating. Although, still there are professional locksmiths who are trained and qualified enough to break these and unlock doors for you. 

Why Is It Hard To Unlock a Car? 

The difficulty with modern-day car security systems is that they have advanced security features that don’t give anyone enough time to act and unlock the door without a proper key. The moment a locksmith inserts their tool inside the door, and grapes the hold of the lock, most car lock systems give you less than 4/10th second to turn the button and make the door handle open synchronously. If they are unable to get it for the first time, the car gets into a pause mode itself, forcing the locksmith to wait for 10 or more minutes before trying again. Since there is such a small fraction of time window, it’s not uncommon for a locksmith to make multiple attempts before the car door opens. 

Having a Backup Plan Is Good

Car lockout is unpredictable and can happen to anyone. But you can avoid it by having a few copies of your keys in the places that are secure. If you have a duplicate key at your home, you can get someone to get the key for you or you can go home by taxi to get the keys. You can also give the duplicate key to someone reliable like a spouse, family member, or keep it in the office. 

If you are locked out and don’t have access to any professional locksmith, you can try to unlock yourself. Although, we don’t recommend this method. You can purchase the car unlock kit from the market if your car isn’t that sophisticated. The kit includes tools, thin or rigid metal items that you can slide inside the car through window glass and pull the door lock upward. However, this isn’t reliable as most cars have tough security features that only trained and a well-equipped locksmith can break. 

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