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Changing the locks is the only solution most of us are aware of in most cases. What people are usually unaware of is that there is an equally effective and cheaper method than changing locks.

Are you aware of that method? It locks rekey, and the best part about it is that it works perfectly for any lock! So what else do you need?

Want to know more about it? Then let’s dive straight into getting to know more about lock rekey, how it’s done, how often you should do it, and what are the benefits of it!

How Does Lock Rekey Work?

The process of changing the lock altogether is easier to understand. However, understanding the process of lock rekey is a little complicated. But you know what? Its execution is way too easy, no doubt why it’s an easier option to increase the security.

The key pins in each lock only respond to a certain key; however, when the key pins are changed, they no longer respond to the same set of keys. In the lock rekey process, the locksmith changes the key pins of the lock hardware. This allows the lock to remain the same, but the operating key is changed.

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What Are the Benefits of Lock Rekey?

1. Rekeying locks is a cheaper solution to the increasing security risks in Grand Prairie, Texas.

2. You can frequently rekey the locks without bearing a high cost.

3. There is no need to change the whole lock, especially when it matches with the door.

4. You can ask for key pins to arrange in a way that all locks respond to the same key; this adds greater convenience, and you don’t have to be carrying multiple keys when one key can do the job.

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How Often Should You Rekey the Lock?

1.    When You Have Lost the Key

People tend to forget things. While another thing might not cause any potential to security, losing a key definitely can. You surely don’t want an unexpected guest (read: intruder) to come into the house, do you? Therefore, when you realize that you have forgotten the key somewhere outside the house or office, you should consider locking the key.

The number of times you should do it entirely depends on the number of times you tend to lose a key. 

Also, rekeying is ideal in the case when you have a set of multiple same keys, and you cannot recount the total number of keys. In this case, the chances are high that you had a greater number of the same keys, but now they are misplaced. Therefore, for peace of mind, you should consider the lock rekeying.

2.    When More People Have Access to The Key

Rekeying is the ideal step to take when you want to limit the access of certain people, and upon asking, they don’t return your keys back. In that case, the ideal thing to do is to rekey the locks.

This happens when you break up with someone, but they have a key to your house or when you are no longer on nice terms with people you were friends with previously.

3.    When You Move into A New House

When you move into a new house that was previously home to someone else, then there are high chances that they are still in possession of the extra key. Therefore, in order to avoid any inconvenience in the future, you should simply rekey the locks. Again, it provides mental satisfaction that no one besides you can access the house.

Rekeying is a simple step to take; it doesn’t take very long and is easy on the pocket; therefore, it’s ideal to consider when you doubt your security.

How Often Should a Business Rekey Lock?

Lock rekey is not only an option for the residential areas, but businesses are increasingly using it too. This is because many employees have access to the keys, and in case of high labor turnover, there are chances of intrusion by any former employees.

For this to stop, businesses are increasingly considering the option to rekey the locks in Grand Prairie, Texas. It’s preferable for businesses to rekey the locks every 6 months to 12 months just to be on the safe side.

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