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Leading Automotive Ignition Specialists

Having to jiggle your keys a lot to turn on the ignition or apply a lot of effort are tell-tale signs that your ignition may be wearing out. Don’t wait until the key finally breaks off inside the ignition—reach out to professional locksmiths right away!

The expert technicians at Bulldog Locksmith & Access Controls have been servicing, repairing and replacing ignitions on all makes and models of foreign and domestic automobiles for years. We do top-notch work at affordable prices—compared to ignition services at the dealership that can cost upwards of $1,000!

Our emergency locksmiths are available 24 hours a day to handle any ignition problem. Our well-trained, experienced locksmith will be on your way within minutes with the tools and expertise to get your ignition working in no time.

Ignition Repair Services

Ignition switches can wear down over time due to frequent and rough use, damaging the tumblers in the ignition cylinder. Taking it to a dealership means being conned into getting a new ignition system entirely, which is why you need qualified auto locksmiths who can repair your ignition quickly and affordably.


Our locksmiths assess the damage of your ignition and offer repair services, accordingly, at a fair price. Even if your key does break off in the ignition, our automotive experts quickly reach you where ever you’re stranded and use dedicated tools to safely extract the key without damaging the ignition any further. They are reliable, efficient, and their work won’t affect your car warranty in most cases.

Ignition Replacement Services

While ignition replacement is typically more complicated than a repair, it’s still cheaper to go to a licensed locksmith—like the ones at Bulldog Locksmith & Access Controls—than going to a dealership. Regardless of your vehicle’s make and model, our licensed and certified locksmiths have enough experience to replace any ignition that you may have.

At Bulldog Locksmith & Access Controls & Security, we understand the urgency of having your automobile ignition replaced. We are the dependable locksmith service you’re looking for in the Irving, TX area. Our technicians are always available and ready with equipment on-hand to get the job done.

Apart from ignition repair and replacement services, here are some of the other ignition services we offer:

  • Car key repair and replacement
  • Removing broken keys
  • Ignition cylinder repair and replacement
  • Repairing and replacing ignition switches
  • Emergency ignition service
  • Repair and replace broken ignition mechanisms
  • Transponder key repair and replacement
  • Ignition Assessment

Bulldog Locksmith & Access Controls can rebuild ignition or even put in entirely new ones, safely and efficiently. We can also duplicate your key, in case you need separate ignition and car door keys.

Highly skilled, experienced technicians, equipped with the latest industry techniques and advanced equipment, are what you get when you reach out to Bulldog for any and all kinds of locksmith services.

We get you back on the road with lightning quick response and work that never disappoints. Call us at (682) 204-4570 to find out more about our wide-ranging locksmith services.

Our Locksmith Services

We can unlock all types of vehicles. Either you lost your car key, need to unlock the car, or broke your car key in the ignition, there is no big or small job for our professionals. Our locksmith can help you the same day on the spot with our high-tech car lockout system.

Our locksmith services include:

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Why Customers Seek Our Assistance

Our company offers drivers in the DFW Metroplex some important advantages. Why do customers select us as their preferred automotive emergency locksmith? Just consider a few reasons:

Contact a Licensed Local Locksmith

By calling Bulldog Locksmith & Access Controls when an automotive lockout emergency occurs, customers know they’ll obtain the help of a well-qualified expert. We’ve gained extensive experience in this field, and passed state licensing requirements. Our auto locksmiths know the correct procedures to follow to unlock vehicle doors correctly. Our firm has equipped them with the appropriate tools and supplies. We won’t cause further damage to a locked vehicle, or harm any automotive systems. Unlicensed amateurs cannot provide that assurance. Contact us now to obtain dependable, secure, fast locksmith assistance. We’ll travel swiftly to the vehicle’s location to perform a full range of automotive locksmith services. Our customer-friendly prices appeal to drivers in this region!


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