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Things To Have in Mind Before Installing A Keypad Door Lock

keypad door lock

Security is one aspect you should never overlook. With increasing crime rates, your safety is at greater risk in Colleyville, Texas, than before, and you should take greater precautions to make sure that you are safe.

And that’s what this blog is about- keypad door lock!

Keypad door locks are built to ensure house safety. However, there are certain things one should consider before installing a keypad door lock.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Installing Keypad Door Lock

Here is a list of everything you should keep in mind before the installation.

1.    The Benefits of Installing a Keypad Door Lock


The invention of the keypad lock has ensured one thing, and that is convenience. Did you forget your keys inside the home? Well, no worries because now all that you need to enter your house is a four-digit code. We all struggle with losing or forgetting keys, but when you have a smart keypad lock on your door, then you don’t have to carry around a massive bundle of keys everywhere you go. 

Hence installation of keypad locks can make things more convenient. These keypad door locks are also durable, meaning you don’t need to get them fixed every now and then. 

Another great thing about them is that they are a great investment and you don’t have to invest in a new one quickly. Installation of these keypad door locks is also very easy; hence you don’t have to worry about who to ask to install these. Moreover, the keypad door lock has greater access control. 

Keypad door lock works ideally in every situation. Be it the residential area or a commercial place. For instance, you can use them in business buildings with a huge number of employees, and not everyone can have a key.

Keypad Door lock

2.    The Drawback of Installing a Keypad Door Lock


On the other hand, there are a few cons to installing keypad door locks. The major negative aspect of keypad door lock is that just like other technology devices, these can also get hacked. With the further development of technology activities, hacking has become more common and advanced. Hackers can easily hack into the keypad door lock and unlock the door with no effort. Even though with a keypad door lock installed, you no longer have to carry keys around with you or panic if you forget them, there is a possibility that you might forget the code to your keypad door lock. 

If you can not remember the code, you have to remember it really hard, and if you are still unable, you will have to call a professional who will help you get into your house. 

Furthermore, these keypad door locks are electronic, so a power failure will completely disable them. Which means you will not be able to enter your house without a backup key or wait until the power is back to which will cause great loads of inconvenience.

3.    How Much It Costs to Install A Keypad Door Lock


Another factor to consider before installing these locks is their prices. These keypad locks, although expensive than regular locks and deadbolts they are more convenient than them. These keypad door locks can be a sort of investment in security and convenience. We all are sick of losing and forgetting our keys, aren’t we? And keypad locks are one easy way to escape them. The convenience cancels out the price of the keypad door lock.

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4.    Does Keypad Door Lock Provide Greater Safety?


Many of you wonder if keypad locks provide greater security and safety. The answer to that question is that they are built in a different manner than normal locks, which rules out the possibility of them being picked or broken down; however, if the code combination is not very secure, the chances of break in’s becomes likely as whoever is trying to enter your house may guess the code. Hence, keeping all these points in mind, we can say that they do not increase the level of safety, but they surely provide you with, if not more than an equal level of security.

5.    Can You Install the Keypad Door Lock by Yourself?


While you can install the keypad door lock by yourself, it’s ideal to rely on professional services to complete the task, after all the main purpose is to keep you and your family safe.

It’s not an easy task considering proper knowledge is required to install it in the first place. Apart from that, you will need to have adequate tools to put up the functioning keypad door lock.

So why not let the professionals handle it for you?


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