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Locked Out of Your House? Here’s What You Need to Do

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Getting locked out of your house can be frustrating, especially when the weather outside is also not great. Even if there’s a soothing breeze and warm sunlight outside, watching your favorite show on your soft bed while munching on snacks has its own unique comfort—and no one likes to stay deprived of it for too long.

Though it’s normal to panic at first, being trapped outside your home isn’t as bad as it seems. If you’re in a home lockout situation, we need you to sit, take a deep breath, and read this blog. Ahead, we have rounded up some course of actions for you to follow before calling your locksmith.

Let’s dive in!

See If You Left a Door Open

Most homes in Texas are built with entry doors at the back that open into the kitchen or laundry area.

If your home has an alternative door other than the main entrance, be sure to check whether it’s unlocked by any chance. Many times, we forget to lock the other doors while leaving our home in a rush. Though it isn’t safe and increases the risk of burglaries, your carelessness might save the day in a home lockout situation.

If your home has an attached garage with a door that opens inside your home, check if it’s open or if you have a spare key in your garage to unlock that door.

Find an Open Window

Walk around your home and push the windows inside to check if they open. Don’t try to push too hard or break them, unless you want to bear the additional expense for window replacement.

Also, crawling through an open window to get inside your home is only a good idea if the window is on the ground floor. Don’t climb up to an elevated window, even if it’s wide open. Doing so might lead you straight into a hospital bed instead of your home.

Call Your Local Locksmith

When all else fails, it’s better not to waste more time and call your local locksmith to help you out of the mess. If you left the key inside your home, in your office, or anywhere you know you’d find it back, it’s okay to get another key made for the same lock. However, if you dropped and lost the key somewhere you don’t remember, it’s better to get your house locks rekeyed or replaced.

If you want to hire a licensed, bonded, and insured residential locksmith in Irving, get in touch with Bulldog Locksmith. Besides taking care of our residential clients, we also offer a variety of locksmith solutions to business owners and vehicle owners at affordable prices. So, whether you’re locked outside your dwelling, your office, or your car, you know who to call!

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