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9 Best Tips to Protect Your Home When You are Away on Vacations

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Vacations are times of merriment and joy. But, unfortunately, like most people, including those living in Grand Prairie, Texas, who spend time away visiting family or enjoying a family vacation, thieves and burglars are planning their next move to break into Grand Prairie homes.

The holiday season is the most important time of year to ensure your home is safe, as your home may contain expensive gifts or cash. We have come up with a few tips to protect your home when you are away on vacation. Try these tips, and your possessions are secured.

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Tips to Protect Your Home When You are Away on Vacations

Following are the tips to protect your Home in Grand Prairie, Texas, when you are away on vacation:

  1. Check Locks before Heading Out

You are likely to forget to lock your doors during the holiday frenzy as you rush out of the door to get to your sister’s dinner engagement on time. This makes you a prime target for burglary. Most thefts are the result of people not locking up their doors. Before you leave the house, make sure that all doors, windows, cars, and entryways are locked.

  1. Renewal of the Keys (Rekeying)

It is recommended to consider rekeying your locks if you have any concern about someone possessing a copy of your keys (strangers or family members) gaining unauthorized access to your home while you’re away. An experienced locksmith, like Bulldog Locksmith, can come and change the pins and cylinders inside the existing lock so that there will only be a new key that fits and works with it. You can also install high-security locks that are pick-resistant.

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  1. Make it Look like Someone’s in the Home

Make your home appear occupied, even if you are not there, by keeping a light on. This has been an age-old trick to discourage burglars for generations. Be careful not to let crooks know that you are going on a vacation through social media. Likewise, you should plan out how to deal with your mail and news delivery, so it isn’t obvious there hasn’t been anyone home to receive them.

  1. Install Security Cameras

Monitoring your premises is now possible due to the falling prices of these technologies. In addition, mobile viewing of what’s happening at your home has become easier than ever, thanks to the advanced service providers and cloud-based options. You can book Bulldog Locksmith for such services in Grand Prairie, Texas.

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  1. Place your Spare Key at a safe and Hard to Find Location.

It’s highly unlikely that you thought of a place for your spare key that is above a flowerpot, underneath a fake rock, or underneath a door frame. It is unlikely, however, that a seasoned criminal would have trouble finding it. So if you do not want to hand your possessions to a thief on a silver platter, simply remove your key before you leave and leave it at your neighbor’s for safekeeping. 

  1. Stop Your Newspaper and Mail Delivery

Fully stuffed mailboxes and yellowing newspapers piled in the driveway are dead giveaways that you aren’t home. If you don’t have a friend or family member available to stop by your house while you’re gone to bring in the paper and mail, contact your newspaper service to stop deliveries and fill out a mail-hold form.

  1. Stay away from Social Media

It’s better that you shouldn’t post your vacation plans online (or anywhere else, for privacy purposes) before you leave, but perhaps even more important is making sure your social media accounts are secure, so your address is not readily available to anyone.

It’s extremely easy to find your address by searching Google for your phone number and Facebook event invites. Delete any previous posts, party invites, or Facebook events that contain your phone number.

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  1. Turn off the garage door

Hackers, specially seasoned and motivated criminals, can easily penetrate technology. It is possible to operate a garage door opener with a universal remote. So be prepared! Put a manual lock on your garage door and turn off your garage door opener.

  1. Make sure that your water heater and pipes are in good shape

During the winter, ensure the pipes in your Home don’t freeze while you are away since they could freeze during your absence. A good trickle of water flowing can also help you regulate the temperature in your home. Insulate your pipes properly and leave the temperature at a reasonable level. You can lower your water heater’s temperature while you’re gone to avoid heating water that you won’t use.


If you are unable to do this by yourself, then hire Bulldog Locksmith and secure your home in Grand Prairie, Texas, while you are away on vacation.


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