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Shuttered Your Business? Here’s What You Need to Do to Keep it Safe

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Businesses across the United States have pulled down there shutters after the government announced a nationwide lockdown to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. As the pandemic continues to evolve, businesses have begun formulating and implementing new strategies that support the idea of social distancing and working remotely. They are taking measures to adapt to the changes and stabilize their business operations in the new environment.

Business owners who are closing down their commercial facilities and encouraging work from home are yet to realize that they are at an increased risk of burglaries and break-in thefts.

Emptied surveillance control rooms and no security guards whatsoever, give the green light to burglars to enter your business premises and rob all that they want. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your shuttered commercial property during the pandemic for uninterrupted growth and wellbeing. Read on to learn more!

Install Smart Surveillance Cameras

Typically, we’d encourage businesses to install security cameras outside their premises to beef up their security. As of now, however, our focus and emphasis are on “smart” security cameras. Your typical surveillance cameras are of no good if the control room in your facility is empty. Smart cameras can connect with applications, and you can view everything happening in your commercial premises while sitting in your home. These applications are user-friendly; however, you’ll need to make sure they are supported by Android or iOS, or both, according to the interface of your handheld device.

You don’t just need security surveillance; you need smart security surveillance.

Access Control System

An access control system allows you to limit access to your commercial property or high-security spots inside your facility, such as vault rooms, safes, control rooms, and cabinets and drawers with confidential files and documents. When no one’s at the facility, anyone with access to these areas can breach into the property and get their hands on important documents, business money, and other valuables—you cannot even trust your best-performing employees with it. Access control systems allow you to change the access codes and keys through your smartphone to help secure your facility, equipment, and confidential business data.

Replace or Rekey All the Locks

If you don’t have an advanced locking system that may require access control, but several traditional locks in your facility, you must consider rekeying or changing all the locks. You can never be sure about which employees may have the keys to the main entrance and other essential rooms in your commercial property. The best option is to get all the locks rekeyed or changed before shutting down the facility.

If you are planning to install an access control system for your smart locks, or rekey, replace, or upgrade your old commercial locks, get in touch with Bulldog Locksmith. We are a well-reputed and highly trusted commercial locksmith in Irving with years of experience in the locksmith industry. We offer a variety of commercial, residential, and automotive locksmith at extremely affordable prices.

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