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Know the Three Types of Business Access Control Systems

The three main types of access control systems are as follows: Discretionary Access Control (DAC), Managed Access Control (MAC), and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). Generally speaking, access control does all the authentication and authorization work for a person to enter a certain door or area. Yet, each type has distinct features and downsides. 


  1. Discretionary Access Control (DAC)

Compared to other system types, DAC is more generous to its end-users. As the business owner, this type of control system enables you to customize your grantees and their level of access in certain areas, equipment, and programs. One potential danger of DACs is its tendency to be malware without the owner’s knowledge. It is primarily because the owner’s permissions can be handed down to other connected programs.

  1. Managed Access Control (MAC)

Unlike DAC, Managed Access Control (MAC) is not owner-oriented. Instead, a third-party handles and manages the software for the customer. Only the service provider can manage the control system including its security data at a certain amount of fee. End-users will be labeled and permitted according to MAC standards. Nonetheless, if your institution’s data requires extra protection and confidentiality, managed access is the one for you.


  1. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Among the three types of access systems, RBAC has the most demand among businesses and households. It makes things easier for both system end-users and administrators. No need for a third-party host or manual designation of access because there are already given control permissions for specific job titles under the security manager. This is good news for both business heads and homeowners.

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What Access Control Does For Your Building

  1. Key cards, key fobs, fingerprints, among others are required to enter a keyless door. Access control readers grant people access in line with these established credentials.
  2. Access control systems connect to a network. A person should have access to this network by having a credential. Door readers recognize this recorded data through codes.
  3. The system can monitor who comes in or out of your building. Anything it finds suspicious, like when a person breaks in, can alert end-users like business owners and security heads. 


Pros and Cons of Each Access Control Type

Every business has different commercial security needs. It varies depending on coverage (building-wide or for specific rooms only) and security levels. Now you know about the three types of access control systems, it is also vital to understand the possible advantages and disadvantages of each. Before availing of any access control service, bear the following factors in mind.


  1. Avoiding data loss

Whatever control system type you have, their software will surely create tons of data. It includes your grantees’ biometrics, control properties, and more. Systems may go down unexpectedly, and you don’t want to get caught off-guard.  These huge security data require periodic backups. This is necessary to avoid wasting time and money in trying to reassign numerous control permissions on specific areas and hiring temporary security guards for your doors. If you’re planning to manage your system by yourself, you might want to reconsider this danger.

You can be more at ease with MACs. Their third-party hosted software guarantees your system stability and data backup at necessary intervals.

  1. Who will maintain your system

Whether you opt for a self-hosted or managed system, both of them will still require on-site staff.

If you plan to self-host for your business, you need to hire at least two well-trained, highly-skilled practitioners for its daily maintenance and administration. Of course, they should be experts in managing permissions, software updates and licensing, diagnostics, data backup and restoration, configuration, and data query.

Although the same thing goes with a managed system, it is more convenient because your service provider can do so much more for you. You just have to log in to your account to oversee your system’s condition. Aside from housing, they can upgrade and take care of your hardware. MAC providers can also perform troubleshoots, install updates, keep antivirus and firewall protection, and regularly backup your data to trusted cloud software. Managed system providers have their own team who can perform the best solutions and methods. They can literally take care of almost everything so you can be at ease.

3. The most convenient type

When it comes to convenience, managed access control wins over on-premises and hosted systems.

Managed service providers get the job done for you. Their team can take care of all the monitoring, housing, and maintenance for your system. End-users are allowed to add new staff to their system and decide when your doors arm or disarm through automated schedules. To make these changes, you just need to make a phone call to your service provider.

On the other hand, hosted services are convenient only for those who prefer total control over the system. End-users can use an app to manage the system remotely. Through a web browser, you can do all the administration including removing authorized names, setting door schedules, and managing system reports on all your sites. As for on-premises access control systems, the owner gets the full responsibility of maintaining and administering the whole system. The burden includes dealing with system failures and threats. In this sense, it is considered the least convenient system type.


  1. Value for money

    On-premises, hosted, and managed access systems have different costs for their features. In a broader sense, your preferred features and other needs will ultimately determine your expenses. To discern which system is the best for your business’ budget, determine who you want to do the daily administration.

For businesses who choose to have an on-premise control system, the cost is inclined to the IT infrastructure setup, computers and its upgrades, data storage, and licenses of softwares. Since this system requires on-site experts, the business also has to pay for each of their salaries.

As for hosted and managed access control, the IT infrastructure of both systems are covered by the service provider. They also pay for the software licences and cloud storage costs. No need to worry about hiring on-site staff for they already have their own team to remotely administer the system. Both come with a monthly fee though, but they are considered cost-efficient than that of on-premises systems. Managed systems may be more expensive than hosted ones, but businesses who go for it can relieve staff salary costs.

It is important to note that there is an upfront cost for access control hardwares, on-site components, and readers for all three types.

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Your Company Deserves Only the Best Control System

Choosing the type of access control system that works best for your business can be overwhelming. You have to consider its nature, established security procedures, and system users. No matter your security needs and preferences, Bulldog Locksmith can achieve optimal results for you.

Small business establishments with basic operations often consider Discretionary Access Control the best choice for its ease. Even so, it is better to go for either Managed Access or Rule-Based Access Control systems if you have business information or assets that need extra protection.

We at Bulldog Locksmith apply security solutions for your company. Your offices, departments, and even entire buildings can be safe in our hands. Our experienced and skillful crew can help you determine the best type of access control system for your specific needs. Our staff knows the necessary tools, equipment, and strategies to apply for your desired specifications.

Feel free to consult with us and discuss your security needs. We can immediately come to your office so our team can get work done. We can install your control access equipment for each entrance, be it keypads, key card systems, or facial recognition door lock. You can contact us in Farmers Branch at (phone number) or online to schedule an appointment in our office. You can have free security system demonstrations at our office.

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