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Best Smart Home Security Systems with Lock Integration: The top smart home security systems that seamlessly integrate with smart locks are Vivint Smart Home, SimpliSafe, and August Home Security. These systems offer advanced security features, remote control, and compatibility with various smart lock models.

When it comes to enhancing the safety of your home, integrating smart locks with your home security system can significantly increase both security and convenience. The best smart home security systems that support lock integration tend to offer robust features, seamless operation, and comprehensive protection. Among these, Vivint Smart Home, SimpliSafe, and August Home Security stand out as leading options. Here’s why these systems are top picks and what makes them special.

Vivint Smart Home

Vivint Smart Home offers a fully integrated system that includes smart locks as part of a larger suite of smart home security features. Vivint’s smart locks can be controlled remotely via their mobile app, allowing homeowners to lock and unlock doors from anywhere. This feature is particularly useful for letting in guests or service providers without compromising security. Additionally, Vivint’s system integrates with voice control technologies such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, making it even more user-friendly.


SimpliSafe is renowned for its simplicity and effectiveness, with easy installation and no requirement for a long-term contract. The system is compatible with the August Smart Lock, which is known for its robust security features and sleek design. SimpliSafe allows users to configure their security settings through a central hub, which communicates with the smart lock to ensure that only authorized users can access the home. SimpliSafe also offers professional monitoring options, which can provide additional peace of mind.

August Home Security

August Home Security specializes in smart locks and offers advanced features such as DoorSense, which alerts you if your door is securely closed and locked. August locks integrate smoothly with other home security systems, including SimpliSafe and others, to provide a comprehensive security solution. The August app provides detailed logs of door activity, which is ideal for tracking who comes and goes, enhancing security and control over your home environment.

Why Choose Smart Lock Integration?

Integrating smart locks with your home security system enhances the overall security of your home. It allows for keyless entry, remote access, and the ability to grant or deny access remotely. Additionally, it can be part of a broader smart home strategy that includes lighting, climate control, and security cameras, all managed through a single interface.

The convenience of managing your home security from a smartphone or voice-controlled device cannot be understated. It not only increases security but also adds a level of comfort and ease to everyday life. Whether you are at home or away, you can rest assured that your home is secure and that you can manage access without needing physical keys.


Choosing the right smart home security system with lock integration depends on your specific needs, the size of your home, and your budget. Vivint Smart Home, SimpliSafe, and August Home Security are excellent options that provide robust security solutions with advanced smart lock integration capabilities. By selecting a system that integrates seamlessly with smart locks, you can enhance your home’s security while enjoying the convenience of modern technology.