Home Lock Installation & Repair

A home is one of the most important investments a person will make in their lives. The primary goal of homeownership is to keep that property safe and secure. That security begins at the front door with a dependable lock and key system. 

Locks and keys are something we use every day. We don’t give them a second thought until one of two things happen: The lock fails or we lose the key. When either one of those things occur, there is a moment of understandable frustration. Before the panic shows up, a call to residential locksmith, Bulldog Locksmith, will resolve the matter. 

Home Lockout 

The only good thing about a home lockout is discovering how hard it is to “break into” your home. If you’ve accidentally locked your keys inside or left them at work, then the first instinct is to try to gain access into your home by another entry point. If the windows, patio and back doors are all secure, then the locks are doing what they should be doing. Now is the time to call in Bulldog Locksmith. 

Our mobile lock repair service will be dispatched promptly to your home to help you gain access once again. Each of our mobile repair vans is equipped with the same state of the art technology that we utilize in our three storefronts. We service communities all throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area so you won’t be far from help with a home lockout. 

Home Lock Installation & Repair 

A lock design involves a set of tumblers that are engaged when the right key is pushed and turned on those tumblers. As mechanisms go, it isn’t complicated. However, with continual use those tumblers and key that mechanism could eventually wear down. You’ll notice this when the lock “sticks” or it becomes more of a challenge to turn the key. When that happens, it is time to call in Bulldog Locksmith for a repair. 

A thorough cleaning of the tumblers might help and that will require taking the lock apart. It might also be time for a new lock installation. Bulldog Locksmith can help with the repairs or the lock replacement. 

There might come a time when you feel the need for added security. Installing a deadbolt on a front or back door can certainly provide that security. Despite their ominous sounding name, deadbolts don’t have to be intrusive with regard to the design of your door. There are a wide array of deadbolts to choose from that will fit in seamlessly with the aesthetics of your door. 

Are there other areas of your home that could benefit from a new lock and key system? We offer affordable lock installation that can also secure a garage, tool shed and backyard gate with durable locks. We want to make it easy for you to gain access to your property. Only you! 

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House Lock Rekey 

One of the happiest days of your life was when your real estate broker put the keys to your new home into your hand. You made it to homeownership. Now, get rid of that key. Yes, the first thing you should do in your home, even before unpacking a box, is call in Bulldog Locksmith to rekey all the locks. 

Think about all the keys that you might have given out to your previous home. You might have made copies for cleaners, repair people, roommates and other workers. The hope is that you got all those keys back. Can you trust the person that you just bought your home from to have gotten all their keys back? It is much better to “start fresh” by having new locks installed. 

Rekeying locks is also a good idea if you are using multiple keys for multiple locks. Wouldn’t it be more efficient just to have one key to unlock every entry point? That can be accomplished with rekeying. 

Bulldog Locksmith is fully licensed and insured. These are the exact type of service personnel you want working around your home. You might not be able to plan a lock emergency, but you can always count on a rapid response and affordable lock replacement from Bulldog Locksmith. We bring 50 years of locksmith experience to every job and this is one job where trust matters. When the locks fail or the keys get lost, you can always depend on Bulldog.

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