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We at Bulldog Locksmith & Access Controls offer all kinds of security installation, repair, and maintenance services that your commercial property could need. We understand the special requirements and metrics of commercial and industrial security standards and our technicians are equipped with the tools and knowledge to help you in any security or emergency.  Having a reliable security mechanism for your business is essential for peace of mind. Security should be an important consideration for every business owner. No business can afford the breach of security as it’s a matter of trust with customers and employees. No one would like to work for a business that isn’t located within secure promises. 

We offer Commercial Locksmith Services at unbeatable prices

In the case of running a business, you might have to deal with security issues like broken or damaged locks, safes, file cabinets, functional windows, and the door’s security system. Professional locksmiths deal with such issues daily and they know how to solve these. Our company has a team of highly-skilled and experienced locksmiths. No matter how small or big the issue is, our team can handle it well. You can give us a call if you are having issues from the following list. 

New Lock Installation

A business owner can’t afford to have broken or damaged locks in his commercial property that can break or fall apart at any time. In such cases, it is important to replace these locks with the new one on an urgent basis to protect your place. Commercial locksmiths are available anywhere, anytime to change the locks when needed. They can also recommend the best security system for your commercial space as well.

Lock Repair Service

Good maintenance is the key to a security system that lasts for years. Commercial locksmiths are available for routine maintenance, checkup, and recommendations on your security system. They check for cracks, rusty hardware, or any potential problem that can weaken your locks in the future. If anything is broken or damaged, they can repair or replace it before anything bad happens.

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Making Duplicate Keys

If you or your employee has lost an important key, don’t worry. Our locksmiths can rekey all types of commercial locks. They can also create a master key to open more than one lock with just that key. Or you might have broken the key inside the lock. Our expert locksmiths can extract the broken key from the lock while creating the key for the same lock. This will save your money from buying another file cabinet, safe, or lock.

Get Locksmith Services near you

We understand that every business has its own unique set of security requirements and lock needs. We offer all types of commercial locksmith services at a very reasonable cost. No matter if it’s day or night, if you are stuck and need us, just give us a call and we will dispatch our best, well-trained, and licensed locksmiths to you.

Depending on your office’s proximity, we will be at your commercial property within 15 to 30 minutes. Once they arrive at your place, they will give you an estimate and inform you of the services you need. A traditional commercial lockout situation usually takes 20 to 30 minutes depending on the make and model of the lock.

Bulldog Locksmith & Access Controls


Bulldog Locksmith & Access Controls

Need Commercial Locksmith Services? Find Out When to Call A Commercial Locksmith Irving TX

Whether you’re a manager or business owner with an office, you may often find yourself in compromising scenarios. Business owners like you have to deal with burglary and theft from criminals and even to corrupt staffs.

You don’t need a commercial locksmith to open a commercial building if you’ve locked yourself out or have misplaced the keys. You will find other individuals who can do that for you for a small cost. However, if you prefer somebody reliable and trustworthy, then you must opt for Commercial Locksmith Irving TX!

Bulldog Locksmith & Access Controls

Your #1 Choice for Commercial Property Protection!

The security and safety of your establishment are more significant compared to anything else, so there is a need for a professional and skilled firm whose reputation and expertise are unmatched and with great dedication to protecting your property is second to your own.

[Company Name] is an established firm with pure credentials, an unrivaled level of customer service and complete integrity. We provide total comfort and peace of mind, as we turn up every time we say we are going to. Rest assured that we complete every work to an extremely high standard so you can rest easy and feel secure.

Commercial Locksmith Services | Bulldog Locksmith

Bulldog Locksmith & Access Controls

Irving Texas’ Most Trusted Commercial Locksmith

Our company believes that trust is at the center of any business relationship and as business owners, we understand how important your assets are to your establishment. When we arrive to work on your commercial establishment, our staff will work tirelessly to protect it to a level, which we’d be at ease with for our own commercial building.

Furthermore, we won’t be pleased until you’re completely satisfied with the comprehensive nature and reliability of your security measures and will work with you, offering our expert skills to ensure every angle is covered.

Why Choose Bulldog Locksmith & Access Controls?

Benefits of Hiring Commercial Locksmith Irving TX

Hiring the services of a skilled and trustworthy commercial locksmith can assist to keep your business secure, and save you bucks in the long run.  Here are some of the crucial services offered by our commercial locksmith, which could be advantageous to your business.

Access Control System

Every time you give your keys to your staff for any reason, it’s essential that you hire a commercial locksmith to put a mechanism, which guarantees they don’t create any copies of your keys. These duplicates can compromise the protection of your establishment. Therefore, a Commercial Locksmith Irving TX staff will install an access control system to your building so no copies can be.

Break-in Repairs

If you’ve encountered a break in, then you would know the importance of a commercial locksmith. Your priority should be calling the police. After you must’ve called the cops, then you must call us. Our commercial locksmith repairs will replace your locks that were damaged during the incident, therefore, reinforcing protection around your establishment premises.

Rekeying Office Locks

As time passes by, your business matures. As it matures and grows, it will undergo several changes, including a rise in the number of staff. In most cases, your staff may need to keep the keys to one office door. It may be challenging to retrieve your keys from a worker even after they’ve left your company. This gives risk to the security of your business. With our commercial locksmith services, we’ll surely manage the rekeying of locks any time you encounter personnel change.

Master Key System

Commercial Locksmith Irving TX can create a master key, which provides you full access to every single room or office in your building. A master key enables a manager or business owner like you to gain control over the whole building at any given time. The great benefits of our commercial locksmith service to your business can’t be overemphasized. Following are only some of the crucial services our commercial locksmith can provide to your business.

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