Business Lockout

An extreme response to being locked out of your home would be to break a window in order to gain entry. That might help you retrieve your keys, but now you have to call a window repair person to replace the broken pane. Whatever time you think that you were saving is now lost. What about encountering a business lockout? Should you break a storefront window to gain access? Definitely not because that puts the entire business at risk. The better option in that situation would be to call Bulldog Locksmith. Our mobile locksmith technicians are on standby alert around the clock. You could literally just be minutes away from regaining access to your business with help from Bulldog Locksmith.

Minimum Damage

When a business lockout occurs, the goal of Bulldog Locksmith is to get the door opened again with minimum damage to the structure. There are many methods that can be used by the locksmith such as picking the lock or using a bump key. If that lock is resistant to those methods, then you should take comfort knowing that your choice for a lock was the right one. The final option would be to drill into the lock. You’ll get access, but this would require a new lock installation. Thankfully, as the Dallas Fort Worth area’s leading commercial locksmith, Bulldog Locksmith won’t have a problem executing any one of those lockout options. 

Knowledge Base 

The basics of how a lock system works are the same in principle. The difference comes from the tumbler set up, the material used and the etching of a key. There are also keyless entry systems that operate with the same tumblers, but a different method of access. 

This is why it is important for a locksmith to have an extensive base of knowledge with all varieties of lock systems. With over 50 years of experience as a commercial locksmith, you can trust that the techs working for Bulldog Locksmith will be familiar with your company’s lock system. We strive to stay on top of the next generation of locks and keys to make sure that we can provide exceptional service with every call. When a new model comes out, it is a safe bet that the Bulldog crew will be doing their “homework.” 

Need Locksmith Service Now?

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Security Check 

Are you confident that your business is secure? An inspection from Bulldog Locksmith can reveal any access points that could be vulnerable to intrusion. Thieves like to move fast and any lock that slows them down is going to encourage them to move on to their next target. A single lock can be secure, but an additional deadbolt can be downright intimidating. That is the kind of security you want to have established at your business: Intimidating.

Bulldog Locksmith Stores 

If you need to get advice and shop for lock systems, then you can stop by one of Bulldog Locksmith’s four stores. We have a store in Irving, Addison, Grand Prairie and North Richland. Each store provides the full range of locksmith services including making duplicate keys. 

A business lockout might slow things down at the company until you call Bulldog Locksmith. Once that happens, you can count on a prompt response and quick solution to all your lock and key issues. Bulldog Locksmith is there when you need them.

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