Key Extraction

You’ve put in a hard day at work. Maybe you stopped off at the grocery store on the way home to pick up things to make for dinner. You’re at the front door and slip the key into the lock when it snaps off! Now you’re left holding a broken key, the groceries and have no way to get into the home. Has this ever happened to you? 

Believe it or not, breaking a key in a lock is a very common occurrence. It doesn’t mean you’ve suddenly gained the strength to bend steel. Over time and repeated use, a key can weaken. A door lock isn’t meant to get into easily. When those tumblers “grab” a weaken key, it can easily break off. A broken key extraction is the kind of repair job that should only be handled by an experienced locksmith like Bulldog Locksmith. One call to Bulldog will have an experienced locksmith dispatched to your home or business for a fast key extraction. That is service you can always count on. 

Jammed Key 

Occasionally, a key could become jammed in the lock without breaking. A door lock that is exposed to the elements can attract all kinds of particulates like dust and rust. When those are drawn onto the lock tumblers, it can create the jammed effect. A key that becomes stuck in that gunk could easily snap in two. If your key gets jammed and isn’t turning, then don’t try to force it. This is when you’ll want to call Bulldog Locksmith. They can safely remove that key before it gets broken and further compromises the lock. 

New Key 

When a key broken inside of lock will needs to be extracted. At that point, you’ll obviously need a brand-new key. That could be made from the existing key or you can take the opportunity to rekey the lock. Essentially this means resetting or replacing the lock. That might be a good option because if a key broke off in a lock once, then it could happen again. That is especially true if the lock isn’t functioning as it should. Bulldog Locksmith can help with the key extraction and the replacement key in the same appointment. The mobile service vans are equipped with all the necessary tools to handle all kinds of locksmith repairs. 

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Car Key Extraction 

The exact same key extraction scenario that can happen to a front door can also happen in a car’s ignition system or door lock. Yes, these locks can also get clogged up from the elements and continual use. You might find it easier getting into your home by a backdoor than you would being able to start your car with a broken a key broken inside of lock door. This is another type of a locksmith emergency where experienced matters. Bulldog Locksmith has been providing this kind of key help for residents of the Dallas Fort Worth area for over 50 years. That is the kind of experienced locksmiths you want working on your keys and locks. 

Preventing Key Breaks 

The best way to prevent the need for a broken key extraction is to pay attention to your locks. When a lock starts to stick, it is a good indication that problems are brewing. Occasionally, you might be able to blame the weather, but that is not always the case. You have to think about how long you’ve had these locks and how many times you lock and unlock a door each day. Those tumblers are going to wear down and sticking is a good indication of that happening. 

Replacing locks is something that Bulldog Locksmith does every day. They can also provide you with a security overview to point out any potential vulnerabilities with your points of entry. Perhaps you would feel safe with an added deadbolt to go along with the new lock. You can provide your own locks or depend on the Bulldog Locksmith to have a variety of deadbolts and lock systems to choose from. 

When it comes to your home or businesses security, you don’t want to second guess. Put your trust in the company that has been doing this work for a generation. Call Bulldog Locksmith for any lock installation, repair or key replacement issues.

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