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Panic bars, crash bars, or push bars are simple examples of panic devices that offer a secure mechanism you might have seen in commercial buildings. While the main purpose of having a push bar is to secure and allow easy access to the exit doorway in emergencies, they have several other advantages over traditional static doorways. 

Emergency doorways are used when something bad like fire or smoke fills the building and people need a quick exit. Today push bars are used in all types of commercial buildings to provide people with easy and safe exit by simply depressing a bar that unlatches the door. People in high-rise buildings can quickly leave the space since the push bars typically swing and open in the direction of an exit. 

How push bars secure your commercial property?

Push bars are not just for emergencies. They also increase your property’s security level by providing an easy exit to the occupants. These bars are designed in a way that is already recessed when installed and ready for use during office hours, and go back to the original position when the building is closed. 

Because of their highly-secure mechanism, you must hire a professional locksmith for secure and reliable installation of the push bars. You can find a variety of designs and sizes to choose so they match your building’s specific needs. A door with push bars is opened simply by pushing the horizontal rod but these doors can’t be opened from outside. 

A push bar will help you to secure your employees and patrons just in case of an emergency. Push bars are so famous because they save lives and prevent any potential physical injuries to the people inside the building. Such doors are usually fire resistant and once they are unlocked, they let people exit in other rooms or outside the building. 

Push bar installation service

At Bulldog locksmith, we will assist you with any commercial locksmith work including the push bar installation or repair. We can quickly install push bars at your commercial property. No matter when you need us, we will come to you and install it. We are available round the clock and work even on holidays to help you in any emergency. 

The panic bar or push bar is the fastest and easiest way to open the exit doorway and save lives. Once you push the bar, the door is opened for you. Our locksmiths are highly-trained and have installed all kinds of economic door hardware and commercial locks. Let us help you with your push or panic bar hardware installation. Please call us to schedule an appointment for a panic bar installation or repair. 

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